Telephone Systems & Structured Cabling

Much, much more than just being tidy

With the ‘mind boggling’ convergence of technologies, the way we communicate in business today is critical to any organisation's success.

In the majority of cases, following a review of the existing communications infrastructure, we are able to identify areas where improvements in productivity can be gained together with a possible reduction in costs. Whether it be a fixed cable network or a secure wireless network, Fovia will provide the right solution for your business.

Not only are we able to offer cutting edge equipment for your telephone system requirements, we are also able to offer significant savings on your call and line rental expenditure (when compared to standard BT business tariffs)

Our skilled installation engineers are not only able to install and configure your telephony systems but to also install and test all of the data/telecom cabling to the highest standards. This ensures a good reliable platform to base your critical business IT and telephony systems.