Digital Printers & Copiers

The Future's Bright, the Future's Colour!!!

This is where it all began for Fovia back in 1983. The department, although part of a much larger organisation, is still very much core business.

We continue to evolve and embrace ever changing technology. A stand alone black and white copier is still a big part of things. However high speed black and white and colour network printers are now the norm.

Many traditional copier companies are being left behind because of the high level IT expertise which is now required. At Fovia our IT and copier printer departments work hand in hand to give a total solution.

We major in Toshiba and Utax black and white printers and plan printers, but also continue our long relationship with Toshiba on business and graphic colour equipment.

Whether you require stand alone A4 copier, an 80 copy per minute on line printer or a graphics high speed colour printer, contact us