Service & Support

Great copier and IT support all under one roof.

Perhaps the most important part of our business. To ensure the performance of our equipment exceeds your expectations for the duration of its life is crucial. It is further complicated by the way the separate departments of copier and I.T support are increasingly overlapping. For example a simple copier is no longer a simple copier; it is often a print output device "sitting" on the IT network.

So when there is a problem we quickly need to identity its nature and which engineer from which department to send. For this reason our copier and IT teams are housed together, using the same systems and liaise with each other constantly to bring you, our customer, the best possible service.

Please click on IT support and Copier/Print support for a more in depth report or:

email: ITsupprt@fovia.net or CopierSupport@fovia.net